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DBMIX is engaged in designing & building great sounding churches, live venues, project studios  and commercial studios in Los Angeles. Working with our network of world class acousticians, architects, builders and audio companies, DBMIX is emerging as a great choice for making your venue sound great. 

Selected Projects


Hunt Recording Studio

Hunt Recording Studio is a top of the line recording studio in Southern California. Featuring a control room with a fully restored and revamped Trident console, and a live room with a crisp live sound, HRS is the absolute best choice for all of your recording needs.

Studio Design - Acoustics - Construction Management


Corporate Music Venue

This fantastic music venue is a favorite for employees of a large Southern California company. Employees can play these instruments individually or as an ensemble for a large audience to hear, or completely silent to passers by. A personal headphone mixer for each player is employed, giving each musician complete control over their own mix.

System Design - System Install


La Crescenta Presbyterian Church

La Crescenta Presbyterian Church features a classic "live" acoustical environment, while still hosting a variety of bands and choirs.  A carefully designed drum booth and modern sound system allow the band to stay controlled and the organ and choir to stay true to the classical sound.

Acoustics - System Design

Vivek Maddala.jpg

Maddala Music Studio, Los Angeles

Emmy award winning composer Vivek Maddala's project studio incorporates great acoustics for mixing or tracking in the same room.  

Design Consulting


Salvation Army Sanctuary, Torrance

This Sanctuary was acoustically treated by DBMIX to maintain a live brass feel, while maximizing speech intelligibility. The sound system was overhauled, with new speakers, a new console, new amplifiers, and all new equipment, all installed by DBMIX.

Acoustics - Sound System Design - System Install


Private Home Studio, Brentwood

This project studio was designed by DBMIX to minimize sound leakage while recording drums, yet maintain the feel of a live recording room. Incorporating modern equipment and software, the studio offers pristine audio recordings in a small studio setting, without bothering neighbors.

Studio Design - Acoustics - Construction Management

TSA Tustin Ranch Sanctuary_edited.jpg

Salvation Army Sanctuary, Tustin Ranch

This 600 seat Sanctuary at the Tustin Ranch Corps was acoustically treated and transformed by DBMIX.  In addition, DBMIX designed and installed a world class sound system that is unrivaled in Orange County, as well as an effective theatrical lighting system for in house dramatic presentations.

Acoustics - System Design - System Install


Crescendo Music School

The Crescendo Music School has been acoustically 

designed to minimize leakage between rooms and provide an ideal environment for private & group music lessons. The acoustic design by DBMix.

Acoustic Consulting & Design

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